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From: Kara Brown
Subject: College Crossdressing Slut 4: Riding Joey I didn’t see Joey again until that weekend. It was tough waiting
for him; after all I had just lost my virginity and wanted to make up for
lost time, but at least it gave me time for my sore ass to recover. Joey
called me and we made plans for him to come over that Friday night. I
dressed up in a very short black skirt with a big belt, a black tank top,
my black thigh high’s again and a zebra striped thong. Nymphet Preteen I was dressed up
for hours before he got to my apartment and so I was really horny by the
time he arrived. I even moved the lube to the table by the living room
couch since I knew I would jump on him the second he walked in the door.
When he arrived, I opened the door and he kissed me immediately. Then he
spun me around, lifted my skirt and took a look at my ass. “Nice thong sweetie. Too bad it’s not going to stay on long.” Joey
said. I just blushed as he led me over to the couch and sat down. I
immediately straddled him. I could feel how hard he was underneath me as I
started grinding on his cock. We made out for about five minutes as he
held my midsection and then moved his hands down to my ass. He roughly
groped my ass and was pulling on my thong and I could feel how badly he
wanted me. I reached over to the stand and handed him the bottle of lube. “Get me wet.” I instructed him. He proceeded to squirt the lube
on his hand and then finger me as I moaned and kissed him. He got me lubed
up nice and good and started to move my thong to the side. “One sec” I
told him as I reached for the condom. “No condom baby.” He whispered in my ear. As badly as I wanted to
feel his cum shoot in me, just shook my head. I raised up on to my knees
as he sat below me, and reached behind me to slide the condom down his
cock. I then squirted some lube on my hand and rubbed it on his cock. I
stayed up on my knees trying to Nymphet Preteen tease him a little. He tried to push my
hips down a little but I playfully resisted. He was still a little
forceful and started yanking on my thong but it got caught a little in my
erection. “Ow!” I yelped. “Don’t take it off like that!” “Ok.” He growled, and literally ripped my thong off. “Now let me
have that ass.” “Ok baby.” As I submitted and started to lower myself on his cock.
I felt the tip of his cock against my little rosebud and moaned as it
opened me up. I slowly lowered myself down as I felt his cock fill me up. “Good girl.” He whispered in my ear as I continued to lower myself
down slowly, still feeling some friction between my tight ass and his big
cock. When I got down to the base I rested for a second and we kissed as I
got used to it. I could feel his cock throbbing a little inside me and I
loved it. After getting a little more accustomed to it, I slowly started
to move up his cock, scrunching my face a little as I felt some discomfort. “It still hurts?” Joey asked. I just nodded a little and bit down
on my lip again. I put my hands on his shoulders and slowly raised and
lowered myself up and down. I continued like this as he held my ass and
moaned as he felt my tight ass. I slowly started picking up the pace,
moving a little faster but not as fast as I wanted to go. He gripped my
ass hard after about five minutes and I could feel he was about Nymphet Preteen
ready to
cum. He held on tight as I held onto his shoulders and raised his hips up
towards my ass as he shot several waves of semen into the condom. I stayed
on him for a minute until he had me roll off and he got up to throw the
condom away. Joey came back to the couch, sat down and pulled me onto his
lap. We turned on the T.V. and watched it for a little while then he said: “Next time I should just bend you over and fuck the shit out of
you. Really break you in good. Then you won’t have to worry about it
hurting anymore after that.” “You’d like that wouldn’t you.” I laughed. “You bet I would.” He replied. “I love to rip off your little
panties.” “Oh that’s right, you ripped my panties!” I sulked. “That’s right I did.” Said Joey. “I really wanted you bad. Didn’t
you like that?” “I did but that was my favorite pair!” I was whining a little, but
I really liked those panties. “OK you little brat.” He smiled as he called me brat. “Where did
you get them at?” “They were actually my sister’s.” I smiled. “I kinda took them
from her.” “Well, I was going to go online and buy you a new pair but it looks
like I should be buying it for your sister!” “Oh please please please baby!” I said as I straddled him. “Don’t
you want to see me in those panties again?” “Get up then and turn on your computer.” He replied. We got up
and got online and went to one of the websites I liked to look at to shop
and imagine what I would buy. We found a zebra striped thong for only five
bucks. “That’s all it costs? Maybe I should buy you something else?”
Said Joey. I just blushed as he looked at the items I had put in my
shopping cart before. I had about 3 pages of clothes I wanted to buy but
he didn’t look past the first page. “I’m buying you this too.” As he
noticed the cheerleader costume I had wanted. “Really?!” I asked “Oh yes. I have got to see you in this!” He replied “Go get my
credit card out of my wallet.” I ran to the living room, grabbed his pants and his Visa out of his
wallet and rushed back to my room and handed it to Joey. Then I
immediately crawled under the cramped desk and began to suck him as he put
in his credit card information. I wanted him to know that every dime he
was spending was going to be worth it. I sucked and worked on his cock the
best I could Nymphet Preteen
and was soon rewarded with shot after shot of his semen
shooting into my mouth and down into my Nymphet Preteen tummy. I licked the remnants off
my lipsticked lips. “Thank you baby.” I said. “No thank you. I am going to fuck the shit out of you in that
cheerleader costume.” “Come over tomorrow and you can fuck the shit out of me.” I
countered. “I can’t tomorrow, I’m hanging out with the guys tomorrow night.
But I’ll come over Nymphet Preteen during the week sometime.” He let me know. “Ok.” I pouted. “Come see me soon though.” Then he kissed me and
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